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Nonna Italian cuisine our full opinion

Who hasn’t salivated at the thought of a crispy pizza or a plate of spaghetti carbonara? The charm of Italian food is universal. It embodies simplicity, taste and tradition. If you have ever walked around Reims, you have undoubtedly heard of the restaurant NONNA Italian Cuisine. Nestled in a cozy corner of the city, this restaurant reflects this rich and varied gastronomy.

Reims is a city with many facets, between history and modernity. In this context, NONNA brings a Mediterranean touch, offering residents of Rémois and tourists a gateway to Italy. Within its walls, each dish tells a story, a region, a tradition. It’s a true cultural and culinary immersion.

NONNA’s meatballs, a treat!

What do customers really think about NONNA?

The echoes are unanimous. Customers leave with a smile and a satisfied stomach. Many people praise the quality of dishes and the warm atmosphere of the place. The freshness of the ingredients, the mastery of cooking, everything contributes to an unforgettable taste experience. Ah, if the walls could talk, they would tell delicious anecdotes and shared bursts of laughter!

But let’s be honest, no restaurant is free from criticism. Some customers, always from a constructive perspective, point out details for improvement. And that’s good! Because it is by taking into account these returns that NONNA will be able to continue to surpass itself and offer the best to its visitors.

Which dishes should you definitely not miss?

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It’s hard to resist truffle pasta or asparagus risotto. And what about beef fillet rosini? These dishes made the restaurant famous. But what really makes NONNA charming is its ability to revisit the classics of Italian food. Each recipe is an ode to Italy, with a little contemporary touch.

NONNA’s must-haves are:

  • Truffle pasta : a delight for the nostrils and taste buds.
  • Asparagus risotto : a fusion of subtle flavors.
  • Beef fillet rosini : a generous and tasty dish.

The secret? Fresh ingredients, passionate cooks and a constant desire to innovate.

The experience goes beyond the plate, right?

nonna italian cuisine review dish image

Absolutely! NONNA is also a framework. Imagine a warm room, dim lights, soft music in the background. Do you feel this friendly atmosphere? It’s that little extra that makes every meal special. Decor plays a fundamental role in the customer experience. And here, each element has been designed to take you on a journey.

The atmosphere is not to be outdone. When you walk into NONNA’s, it’s a bit like visiting an old friend. Laughter bursts out, conversations come alive, time stands still. Everything is done to make you feel at home, in the heart of Italy.

And the service in all this?

A good dish is good. But a good dish served by a caring team is even better! At NONNA, the staff are truly the soul of the restaurant. Listening, attentive, always ready to advise you, he contributes greatly to the excellence of the experience. Each member of the team makes sure you have a great time unforgettable.

And it’s in the small details that everything depends. From taking orders to presenting dishes, including wine recommendations, everything is carefully designed to satisfy you. In short, NONNA understands that service is an art, and the restaurant does it with passion and professionalism.

Where to find this little gem in Reims?

Located a stone’s throw from the Jean Falala Mediatheque, NONNA benefits from a strategic location. After a stroll in the streets of Reims or a cultural visit, what could be better than settling down in a warm place? The location is ideal for anyone who wants to combine discovery of the city and culinary pleasure.

But that’s not all. The immediate environment of the restaurant is rich in surprises. Small shops, lively squares, historical monuments… everything is within reach. In short, a trip to NONNA is the guarantee of a successful day in Reims!


nonna italian cuisine review dish image

NONNA Italian Cuisine has established itself as an essential address in Reims. Whether it’s the quality of its dishes, the atmosphere or the service, everything is designed to give you an exceptional moment. If you’re looking for the authenticity, generosity and warmth of Italian cuisine, you know where to go. So, tempted by the experience? Italy is waiting for you in Reims, at NONNA’s!

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