Quelle est la meilleure pâte à pizza toute prête ?

Top 10 best pizza doughs in supermarkets

How to choose the best pizza dough in the supermarket? Are you wondering how to distinguish good pizza dough from less good ones on the shelves of your supermarket? This choice can be tricky, given the diversity of options. Think again, the application Yuka can be your ally in this quest!

The disconcerting reality of industrial pizza dough

On the shelves, a multitude of pizza doughs compete for your attention. However, a survey based on Yuka reveals often mediocre quality. What a desappointment ! The results show that the market is flooded with products with questionable compositions.

SO, why are these reviews so disappointing ? The reasons are many and varied. It turns out that manufacturers can sometimes favor quantity over quality, incorporating additives and preservatives that are not very friendly to our health.

Yuka’s evaluation criteria

Yuka, does that mean anything to you? It is an application that evaluates food products based on their composition. THE « Nutri-Score » is taken into account, but that’s not all! Additives and salt levels also come into play. Moreover, the WHO has established daily recommendations concerning salt, not to exceed to preserve your health.

You need to understand these evaluation criteria. There Yuka’s notation takes into account various elements such as nutritional values ​​and the presence of additives. This understanding allows you to make informed choices and favor healthy options.

Herta “Fine seeds and cereals” pizza dough

SO, who is the queen of pizza dough according to Yuka ? It’s the Herta “Fine seeds and cereals” dough! It is distinguished by a unique composition and the absence of harmful additives. In addition, other pastas have also received favors from Yuka. It’s not bad, is it ?

The particularity of this paste lies in its composition. It combines flavor and health, which is not negligible when you like to treat yourself. So, if you are looking for quality pizza dough, you know which product to turn to!

The importance of the composition of pizza dough

THE ingredients, it’s the little pizza elves. They determine the quality of the dough. There are healthy alternatives and even gluten-free options. Choosing pizza dough healthy and delicious, it’s taking care of yourself while having fun!

Lean into the list of ingredients, it’s like opening the door to your fridge. We discover what will nourish us! And in the case of pizza dough, this step is a base. It allows you to find options that combine taste and health benefits.

Where to buy the best pizza dough?

SO, where to find these little wonders ? Supermarkets and stores offer quality pasta. But be careful, you have to keep your eyes peeled! Checking the quality and freshness of pizza dough is essential. And then, there is also value for money to consider.

  • Supermarkets: There is a wide variety of pizza dough.
  • Organic stores: They offer healthier options without additives.
  • Local grocery stores: You can find quality, artisanal products there.


What is the best pizza dough?

So, ready to choose the best pizza dough during your next trip to the supermarket? With all this information in your pocket, you are ready to make informed and tasty choices. Turning to healthy and delicious options is a bit like giving yourself a gift!

Don’t forget to take quality and composition into account when choosingpurchase pizza dough. After all, eating well also means taking care of your health. And with Yuka on your team, you have everything you need to find that rare gem!

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